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Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

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Are you looking for Christmas present ideas or just something to do on a dark and dreary winters day when you’re stuck at home.  Well how about this I have produced three 1000 Piece Jigsaws each featuring nine of my recent photographs of British Birds. The finished jigsaws measure 69cm x 48cm, currently they are on order and are due to arrive week beginning 7th December . I have ordered a limited number of each just to see how popular they are so if you would like one please place your Pre order asap to avoid disappointment. If they prove popular I will be reordering and also will be adding to the range, but that will be after Christmas. The three designs feature Owls & Birds of Prey , British Garden Birds and Kingfishers, photos below.

These are the designs, they are 1000 piece Jigsaws and the finished jigsaw measures 69cm x48cm with is approx 27inches x 19inches.

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