Like most self employed photographers my diary emptied rapidly in March all events, weddings and equestrian events postponed or cancelled and consequently I was left looking for things to do whilst staying at home. Firstly I spent three or four weeks building a brand new photography website, which is now up and running.

So once the website was done I was looking for something else to challenge me and keep me occupied. I decided to try and combine my love of photography with my love for the countryside and its wildlife. I started by photographing the birds that visit the feeders in the garden something I could do without leaving home. Once I was able to go a bit further I visited a few of my favourite wild places to try my hand at Wild birds. I have found this extremely cathartic and it has proved to be very good for my mental state. Here are a few examples of the photographs I have taken doing the past two months. I now hope to continue with this field of photography in the future.