Sunday Morning in a Park in Bath

Sometimes I get asked to do slightly unusual jobs, recently a friend of mine asked if I could do a promotional shoot for her dance troop the Flaming Feathers. they perform burlesque, cabaret and vintage dance entertainment throughout the UK. So it was I found myself on a Spring morning waiting at a bandstand in a Bath park. Its fair to say that the unsuspecting public enjoying the delights of a beautiful municipal park on a sunny spring morning were not expecting to see eight Showgirls in full costume suddenly arrive complete with feather headdresses.

The next couple of hours was spent photographing these eight lovely ladies in various changes of costume including Showgirl, Charlston, Copa Cabana and Can Can Dancers. Hopefully you will see these photos used for promotional purposes together with a video which was also shot during the morning. If you get a chance to see one of their shows I urge you to do so, the next local show is in Bath on the 10th June. Details from their website http://www.theflamingfeathers.co.uk  . There are definitely worse ways to spend a Sunday morning thats for sure.