2017 Olivier Awards

I recently had a fantastic opportunity to photograph the 2017 Olivier Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. The great and good of West End Theatre world gathered for this prestigious award ceremony on a sunny April evening. Lots of familiar faces including Glenda Jackson, Tim Minchin, Gary Barlow, Sheridan Smith and many more.

At red carpet events like this all the accredited photographers assemble and then there is a draw for places, the draw was in three sections with the more experienced, regulars in the first draw and so they get the front row places and so on until newcomers such as myself are in the third draw and have to try and find a spot. I managed to find what i thought would be a good place or at least the best I could get. The sun was shining directly on to the red carpet so was not ideal. Despite this i managed to get some great shots which i was very pleased with. Overall it was a great experience and a chance to test my ability to work in this high pressure arena, definitely something I would love to do more of.